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Camping at Amishville USA
Camping at Amishville provides a unique atmosphere in a quiet picturesque Amish countryside. Amishville has a five acre stocked lake that is beautiful to look at as the sun sets. If you like to swim, Amishville has a nice swimming pond with a beach right outside of the Amishville Grille Deck.  Saturdays has activities planned  for kids young and not so young, including our traditional activities of Bingo and Free Kettle Popcorn (come watch the popcorn popped over an Open Fire). Sunday mornings offer casual-attire gospel services known as Chapel on the Hill.

If you like the idea of a family fun economical getaway in the great outdoors, consider camping at Amishville. You'll find a range of accommodation choices - from rustic in the primitives to modern camping in our water and electric sites - to help you plan a vacation the whole family will love.

Camping Specials -   Leave your camper parked in one of the beautiful campsites at Amishville and enjoy time camping with the family for 5 to 6 straight weeks.  This includes the fun filled weekend activties that Amishville has planned for you each weekend!
            Spring Special - April 1st thru May 15th for $250.00.... seven weekends of camping for one low price of just $250.00.

            Fall Special - Sept 9th thru Oct 9th for $275.00.... six weekends of camping for one low price of just $275.00

Tent Camping
If you like to keep it basic, try tent camping. It's the most economical camping choice - all you need is a tent, sleeping bag and basic supplies. Kids especially love the adventure of tent camping. If you are planning a tent camping vacation, consider hosting a backyard campout first. That way everyone can learn to set up the tent, try out some campfire recipes, and get used to nighttime sounds.

RV Camping
Join one of the seven million American households that now own a recreational vehicle. One of the fastest growing travel pastimes in the country, RVing is perfect for reaping the benefits of the camping lifestyle while enjoying all the comforts of home. RV options range from pop-up campers to travel trailers to motorhomes. 

Feel free to make your reservations by phone or use our online system. Either way we will make this whole process as smooth as possible. Please click on the campground map button below for site numbers.   

Make your reservations by using our On-Line Reservation Form or by calling 260-589-3536.

Call today! 

Please have your credit card ready. 

Camping Rates

Current Camping Rates

Rates are for 2 adults & 3 children.  Additional people - $5 per Adult $3 per Child per night.

50 amp Full hookup - $35.00

50 amp and water   - $30.00

30 amp full hookup - $32.00

30 amp and water   - $25.00

30 amp only           - $23.00

20 amp only           - $20.00

Primitive                 - $18.00

Weekly rates are also available for all sites, depending upon availability.   A $3.00 per night Holiday surcharge will apply for all sites.

Please use the campground map to reference your site number. 

Campground Map

Click on the map for a larger view.

Reservation Policy
  1. Reservations will be accepted for a minimum of two [2] nights. Special weekends require three [3] nights.

  2. A deposit equal to one night camping must accompany all reservations.

  3. Phone reservations require a VISA, Master Card, or Discover credit card number.

  4. Cancellations must be received FOURTEEN [14] days prior to the camping date. There will be a cancellation fee of $5.00

  5. Cancellations less than FOURTEEN [14] days prior to the camping date will result in loss of deposit

  6. Reservations are held until 9:00 pm on the start date of the reservation.  Late arrivals must notify us prior to the 9:00 pm deadline, and pay the reservation in full upon notification,  in order to hold the reservation.  One night reservations are allowed on the same date as the start date, but must be paid in full when the reservation is booked.

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